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Is Your Weight Killing You?

By Terry Dunkle, DietPower Editor-in-Chief

Click to learn the health risks of overweight and obesity.
Which is better, fit or thin? The answer may surprise you.

According to a recent Harris poll, 80 percent of Americans 25 and older are overweight.

The surplus fat is killing many of us, too, because extra pounds carry more serious health risks than most of us realize—especially if you're a couch potato or have a potbelly. Besides heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, the risks include more than a dozen other maladies that can shorten life or make it miserable.

Is your weight risky? And if so, what's the easiest way to drop those life-threatening pounds? Here's what science says... Full story.

What DietPower Users Say

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"It's nice to read intelligent, researched information on dieting, instead of the hyped-up garbage that's popular because celebrities are doing it."
—Dawn Housel

"DietPower has kept me within five pounds of my original goal for nine years. I still use it daily, and always will."
—Dave Wolff, Manchester, Mich.

"Thanks for your remarkably personal service. I don't get this from other software vendors."
—Monica Sweet

"I don't know what I would do without my DietPower—I'm hooked!"
—Kim Wright

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Donate Your Calories!™

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