Sat 5/22/10

A Daily Walk With DietPower

Walking is the best exercise for weight loss. And the things you see!


Gilley the Beagle, hiding in an upstairs bedroom at a one of my favorite houses on King Street, is worried...


...about the commotion downstairs , where mistress Annie (in the black dress) and other musicians staged a jam session for nearly 100 friends this evening. The program included yours truly and his barbershop quartet. The event raised funds for a Haitian relief program run by another King Street neighbor. .

Download DietPower and lose poundsAbout this page: Every day, without fail, I step out of my office for a 3.5-mile walk around my Connecticut neighborhood. I carry a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TX5 pocket camera with a Leica 10x optical zoom lens. My object is to make an interesting photograph of at least one thing that is different that day. I post the results here, hoping they will inspire you and your friends to walk, too.  Terry Dunkle, DietPower founder and CEO.

All My Yesterdays

Friday, May 21: Ruth's Flowers

Thursday, May 20: Nesting Material

Wednesday, May 19: Charlie Waits

Tuesday, May 18: The Finches Are Back

Monday, May 17: Ready for Planting

Sunday, May 16: Mary

Saturday, May 15: Spying on the Iris

Friday, May 14: Tiny Fireworks

Thursday, May 13: Just a Closer Walk

Wednesday, May 12: Fencing the Green

Tuesday, May 11: Wild Strawberries

Monday, May 10: Dog Meeting

Sunday, May 9: Labyrinth

Saturday, May 8: A Patch of Mint

Friday, May 7: Copper Beech

Thursday, May 6: Wild Geraniums

Wednesday, May 5: Ready to Fly

Tuesday, May 4: Sparklers

Monday, May 3: Azalea Rainbow

Sunday, May 2: Hope

Saturday, May 1: Two Sets of Twins

Friday, April 30: Lilacs

Thursday, April 29: Fort Apache

Wednesday, April 28: Who Has Seen the Wind?

Tuesday, April 27: Grape Hyacinths

Monday, April 26: Climbing an Aspen

Sunday, April 25: Dogwood and Gravestones

Saturday, April 24: Red Azalea

Friday, April 23: Pinks

Thursday, April 22: Spring Wreaths

Wednesday, April 21: Police Call

Tuesday, April 20: Hope and Glory

Monday, April 19: This Flag Rocks!

Sunday, April 18: Pear Blossoms

Saturday, April 17: Missing Pole

Friday, April 16: Which Will Itch?

Thursday, April 15: Tax Revolt?

Wednesday, April 14: White Violets

Tuesday, April 13: Pole or Tree?

Monday, April 12: Twilit Church

Sunday, April 11: Triple Slip

Saturday, April 10: Sandbox to Go

Friday, April 9: Football and Art

Thursday, April 8: Missing Bench

Wednesday, April 7: Painting a Scenario II

Tuesday, April 6: Frozen Squirrel

Monday, April 5: Barn Flowers

Sunday, April 4: Message of the Ladybug

Saturday, April 3: A Plant That Grows Down

Friday, April 2: Pretzels and Dirt

Thursday, April 1: Church Ladies

Wednesday, March 31: Daffodils

Tuesday, March 30: Charlie's Stash

Monday, March 29: Cone Crop

Sunday, March 28: Egg Tree

Saturday, March 27: Poster Child

Friday, March 26: Definition of "Suburb"

Thursday, March 25: A Blessing Named Wheezy

Wednesday, March 24: Still Christmas

Tuesday, March 23: What a Fungus Knows

Monday, March 22: Suddenly, Spring

Sunday, March 21: Alien Tarp

Saturday, March 20: Snowdrops

Friday, March 19: First Crocus

Thursday, March 18: A Comforting Light

Wednesday, March 17: Mud Print

Tuesday, March 16: Pop Sunset

Monday, March 15: Slippery Omen

Sunday, March 14: The Gleaners

Saturday, March 13: Drowning Daffodils

Friday, March 12: Survivor

Thursday, March 11: Walker Down

Wednesday, March 10: Moss in the Snow

Tuesday, March 9: Astronomy Lesson II

Monday, March 8: Egg Tree

Sunday, March 7: Church Clown

Saturday, March 6: Happiest Sight

Friday, March 5: Balls

Thursday, March 4: Shivers

Wednesday, March 3: Charlie's Delight

Tuesday, March 2: Tree Surgeon to the Stars

Monday, March 1: Astronomy Lesson

Sunday, February 28: Green Sunset

Saturday, February 27: Strawberry Dreams

Friday, February 26: Three Hundred Winters

Thursday, February 25: Stacked

Wednesday, February 24: Anybody Home?

Tuesday, February 23: No Admission

Monday, February 22: A Squirrel Told Me

Sunday, February 21: Pair of Hearts

Saturday, February 20: Nature's Camera

Friday, February 19: Sex Change

Thursday, February 18: A Bunny Went By

Wednesday, February 17: A Hawk Sat Watching

Tuesday, February 16: Magic Door

Monday, February 15: Crossing the Delaware

Sunday, February 14: My Wild Czechoslovakian Rose

Saturday, February 13: Wren's Nest

Friday, February 12: Follow That Dog

Thursday, February 11: He's Melting

Wednesday, February 10: Green Snowman

Tuesday, February 9: Barbershop

Monday, February 8: Glowing Spire

Sunday, February 7: Football Spoken Here

Saturday, February 6: Waiting for Bluebirds

Friday, February 5: Bottomless

Thursday, February 4: Bleak House

Wednesday, February 3: Still Christmas

Tuesday, February 2: Suspense

Monday, February 1: Turkeys in Tow

Sunday, January 31: Salty Oak

Saturday, January 30: What Deer Eat

Friday, January 29: Doggies in the Window

Thursday, January 28: Snow Squall

Wednesday, January 27: One Stone Turned

Tuesday, January 26: Ratless

Monday, January 25: Swept Away

Sunday, January 24: Rorschach on the Road

Saturday, January 23: Curious Turkey

Friday, January 22: Strange Icicles

Thursday, January 21: Warm Homecoming

Wednesday, January 20: Lovely Farmhouse

Tuesday, January 19: Front Porch Blues

Monday, January 18: Not Too Bright

Sunday, January 17: Fooled Again

Saturday, January 16: January Thaw

Friday, January 15: A Tree Eats a Fence

Thursday, January 14: Stoned Litterbugs

Wednesday, January 13: Coyote Tracks?

Tuesday, January 12: Woods for Sale

Monday, January 11: A Pretty Shovel

Sunday, January 10: Who Will Eat it?

Saturday, January 9: Golden Shelves

Friday, January 8: Back to Nature

Thursday, January 7: Telephone to the Other Place

Wednesday, January 6: Holding the Bag

Tuesday, January 5: Pining for Morning Glories

Monday, January 4: Snirty Church

Sunday, January 3: A Limo in Heaven

Saturday, January 2: Toasty Runner

Friday, January 1: Gourmet Gloves


Thursday, December 31: Vision of Summer

Wednesday, December 30: Llazy Lamas

Tuesday, December 29: Fallen Santa

Monday, December 28: Ice Ring

Sunday, December 27: Leaves That Cling

Saturday, December 26: Barnyard II

Friday, December 25: Merry Snowman

Thursday, December 24: Nobody Works Harder

Wednesday, December 23: Joe Cool

Tuesday, December 22: Headed for Spring

Monday, December 21: Who Needs Christmas Lights?

Sunday, December 20: Football in the Snow

Saturday, December 19: Ice Canyon

Friday, December 18: Manhattan Mystery

Thursday, December 17: Too Cold for Basketball

Wednesday, December 16: Church Door

Tuesday, December 15: Skater's Lament

Monday, December 14: They Never Sleep

Sunday, December 13: Ghosts of Summer

Saturday, December 12: Four Hands

Friday, December 11: Cable to Heaven

Thursday, December 10: Then One Foggy Christmas Eve....

Wednesday, December 9: Candles in Old Windows

Tuesday, December 8: Brightening the Barn

Monday, December 7: Don't Sit Down

Sunday, December 6: Frigid Sunrise

Saturday, December 5: Snow on the Roses

Friday, December 4: Tree-Hugging Rocks

Thursday, December 3: They'll Have a Flat Christmas

Wednesday, December 2: Crime Scene

Tuesday, December 1: Headstone for a Woods

Monday, November 30: Dallying Mallards

Sunday, November 29: Amazing Christmas Tree

Saturday, November 28: A Walk with Charlie

Friday, November 27: Shelf Fungi

Thursday, November 26: Thanksgiving Roses

Wednesday, November 25: Gone to Seed

Tuesday, November 24: November Flowers

Monday, November 23: Urban Barnyard

Sunday, November 22: Naked Barn

Saturday, November 21: Funktified

Friday, November 20: La Luna en el Agua

Thursday, November 19: Holy Ghost

Wednesday, November 18: Gary Lights Up

Tuesday, November 17: Turkey Parade

Monday, November 16: Mundane Miracle

Sunday, Novembe 15: Forkie

Saturday, November 14: Second Sink

Friday, November 13: Fox Grapes

Thursday, November 12: Are Trees Litterbugs?

Wednesday, November 11: Veteran Raspberries

Tuesday, November 10: City Water

Monday, November 9: A Painter with Altitude

Sunday, November 8: 17,000 Lights

Saturday, November 7: Bittersweet

Friday, November 6: Hubcap Looking for a Car

Thursday, November 5: Which is Older?

Wednesday, November 4: Polls Closed

Tuesday, November 3: Sun of a Beech

Monday, November 2: Church at Night

Sunday, November 1: The Littlest Walker

Saturday, October 31: Teenage Bee

Friday, October 30: Last Stand

Thursday, October 29: Location! Location! Location!

Wednesday, October 28: At the Met

Tuesday, October 27: Cry of the Hawk

Monday, October 26: Domestic Quartet

Sunday, October 25: Golden Sunset

Saturday, October 24: White Oak

Friday, October 23: As the Crow Flies

Thursday, October 22: Sky and Leaves

Wednesday, October 21: Red All Over

Tuesday, October 20: Familiar Face

Monday, October 19: Toll House Pumpkins

Sunday, October 18: God's Carpet

Saturday, October 17: Abandoned Plum

Friday, October 16: Barnyard

Thursday, October 15: Three Seasons

Wednesday, October 14: Tiny Apples

Tuesday, October 13: Aglow over Halloween

Monday, October 12: Daisies and Dandelions

Sunday, October 11: Church in Autumn

Saturday, October 10: Singing Chef

Friday, October 9: Rocks Made of Eyes

Thursday, October 8: Halloween Lawn Art

Wednesday, October 7: Green Surprise

Tuesday, October 6: October Rose

Monday, October 5: Forty Feet Tall

Sunday, October 4: I Meet a Mantis

Saturday, October 3: Whose Kitty?

Friday, October 2: Million-Dollar Twilight

Thursday, October 1: Vinelight

Wednesday, September 30: One Wild and Precious Life

Tuesday, September 29: A See-Through Tree

Monday, September 28: Snake Killer

Sunday, September 27: Carpet of Color

Saturday, September 26: Preaching to the Choir

Friday, September 25: Fever Plant

Thursday, September 24: Dotted Grapes

Wednesday, September 23: Ready to Fly

Tuesday, September 22: Horse Chestnuts

Monday, September 21: Recollected Brilliance

Sunday, September 20: A Pup with No Name

Saturday, September 19: Doorway to Autumn

Friday, September 18: Coiled Caterpillars

Thursday, September 17: Maple Tree, Day 3

Wednesday, September 16: Maple Tree, Day 2

Tuesday, September 15: Maple Tree, Day 1

Monday, September 14: All Bark, No Bite

Sunday, September 13: Rainbow Flower

Saturday, September 12: Fun to See, Fun to Say

Friday, September 11: A Nameless Scoundrel

Thursday, September 10: Comcast Cable Competition

Wednesday, September 9: A Busy Bumblebee

Tuesday, September 8: It's a Jungle Out There

Monday, September 7: Edible or Inedible?

Sunday, September 6: Their Luckiest Moment

Saturday, September 5: An Empty Chair

Friday, September 4: Bindweed Blues

Thursday, September 3: "Think on Me"

Wednesday, September 2: Scum

Tuesday, September 1: Prison Coffee

Monday, August 31: Possum for Lunch

Sunday, August 30: Wayfaring Tree

Saturday, August 29: Foxtails

Friday, August 28: A Boy in His Fist-Fork Phase

Thursday, August 27: He Couldn't Swim

Wednesday, August 26: Acorny Verse

Tuesday, August 25: Speed Limit 85

Monday, August 24: Crocodile!

Sunday, August 23: Hanging at Twilight

Saturday, August 22: Butcher's Dog

Friday, August 21: Working the Goldenrod

Thursday, August 20: Big as a Dinner Plate

Wednesday, August 19: Hickory Camera

Tuesday, August 18: Ruth's Hands

Monday, August 17: Mushroom Bugs

Sunday, August 16: A Hot-Pink Sun in a Tangerine Sky

Saturday, August 15: Phonebooks again

Friday, August 14: Humongous

Thursday, August 13: Dalmation Meets Groundhog

Wednesday, August 12: Cute Pests

Tuesday, August 11: Chipper

Monday, August 10: Cobalt Sky

Sunday, August 9: Yellow Memories

Saturday, August 8: A Beetle's Lunch

Friday, August 7: A Sip of Nectar

Thursday, August 6: Phonebook Dump

Wednesday, August 5: A Dream of January

Tuesday, August 4: Martian on a Milkweed

Monday, August 3: When Ponds Turn Green

Sunday, August 2: Headlights Approaching

Saturday, August 1: Should I Eat This?

Friday, July 31: Rose of Sharon

Thursday, July 30: Great Blue Heron

Wednesday, July 29: It's a Saltbox

Tuesday, July 28: Mailbox to Go

Monday, July 27: A Crooked University

Sunday, July 26: Oh, Deer

Saturday, July 25: House-Raising

Friday, July 24: Gnome Reunion

Thursday, July 23: Bugs Galore

Wednesday, July 22: Grand Central Station

Tuesday, July 21: Dragonfly meets Bug

Monday, July 20: URO Mystery Solved

Sunday, July 19: Overlooked Fruit

Saturday, July 18: Painted Turtles

Friday, July 17: House Wreckers

Thursday, July 16: What's This?

Wednesday, July 15: A Pretty Stop Sign

Tuesday, July 14: Beetle 4 Sale

Monday, July 13: I See Pink

Sunday, July 12: I See Red

Saturday, July 11: Keep Out!

Friday, July 10: Most Wonderful Hour of the Year

Thursday, July 9: A Sunny Beach

Wednesday, July 8: Sacked Out

Tuesday, July 7: Soaked!

Monday, July 6: Golden Moon

Sunday, July 5: Bicycle Parade

Saturday, July 4: My $10 Million Dream

Friday, July 3: Hedge Fun

Thursday, July 2: FBI Lilies

Wednesday, July 1: Tastes Like Summer

Tuesday, June 30: Party's Over

Monday, June 29: The Three Muscooteers

Sunday, June 28: Watching a Turdus

Saturday, June 27: New England Currantcy

Friday, June 26: Necklace of Champions

Thursday, June 25: A Convention of Geese

Wednesday, June 24: Painting a Scenario

Tuesday, June 23: Why Did the Beetle Cross the Road?

Monday, June 22: Clown Car

Sunday, June 21: What's Green and Sounds Like a Banjo?

Saturday, June 20: Swimming in Primroses

Friday, June 19: I Hate Deer

Thursday, June 18: Drenched!

Wednesday, June 17: They Sprang up Like Mushrooms

Tuesday, June 16: Where Time Doesn't Count

Monday, June 15: Behind a Basketball

Sunday, June 14: Flags for Elijah

Saturday, June 13: Crawling into a Daisy

Friday, June 12: Life Under a Warm Green Lantern

Thursday, June 11: Shell Game

Wednesday, June 10: Fearless Fox

Tuesday, June 9: Wet Clover

Monday, June 8: Two Bees, or Not Two Bees

Sunday, June 7: A Gorgeous Glutton

Saturday, June 6: Two Clowns

Friday, June 5: My Favorite Mailbox

Thursday, June 4: The Tomato's Deadly Cousin

Wednesday, June 3: Electric Pink

Tuesday, June 2: Lucky Boy

Monday, June 1: Six-Figure Mower

Sunday, May 31: Cool in the Shade

Saturday, May 30: Under the Butternut Tree

Friday, May 29: Awaiting a Pink Explosion

Thursday, May 28: I Shoot a Chipmunk

Wednesday, May 27: Who Dropped the Ball?

Tuesday, May 26: Out Standing in Their Field

Monday, May 25: Flags Galore!

Sunday, May 24: House of Patriots

Saturday, May 23: Memorial in a Rusty Hinge

Friday, May 22: The Sexually Clever Iris

Thursday, May 21: Raising the Wrong Baby

Wednesday, May 20: An Old Friend Is Dying

Tuesday, May 19: Crow vs. Hawk

Monday, May 18: Yours Truly

Sunday, May 17: A Wild Geranium

Saturday, May 16: War Flowers

Friday, May 15: A Mysterious Barn

Thursday, May 14: Who Invented the Microscope?

Wednesday, May 13: The Kitchen Sink

Tuesday, May 12: Slow Down!

Monday, May 11: What Lilacs Are For

Sunday, May 10: Mama Butterfly

Saturday, May 9: Gone to Seed

Friday, May 8: A Pack of Boston Terriers

Thursday, May 7: Underground Passage

Wednesday, May 6: White Violet

Tuesday, May 5: Singing His Heart Out

Monday, May 4: Kenny's Secret

Sunday, May 3: Monument to an Afternoon

Saturday, May 2: Gasoline Rainbow

Friday, May 1: The Duck and the Bashful Maiden

Thursday, April 30: A Poison Ivy Sandwich

Wednesday, April 29: The Very Picture of Spring

Tuesday, April 28: A Busy Bumblebee

Monday, April 27: Electric Pink

Sunday, April 26: Saturday Night Special

Saturday, April 25: An Old Oak Falls

Friday, April 24: How an Ant Sees a Daffodil

Thursday, April 23: The Nameless Brook

Wednesday, April 22: Weeding Time

Tuesday, April 21: Wet Apple Buds

Monday, April 20: Mr. Allen and the Crew Team

Sunday, April 19: Bloodroot II

Saturday, April 18: Green Jellybeans

Friday, April 17: Bloodroot

Thursday, April 16: Skunk Cabbage III

Wednesday, April 15: Find the Critter

Tuesday, April 14: Blessing of the Animals

Monday, April 13: The Crow Who Said "Wow!"

Sunday, April 12: A Quirky Church

Saturday, April 11: Self-Portrait in a Pothole

Friday, April 10: Easter flowers

Thursday, April 9: Dumb as a Squirrel

Wednesday, April 8: April Snow

Tuesday, April 7: Egg Trees, Connecticut Style

Monday, April 6: I Carry My Lunch

Sunday, April 5: A Tree in Spring

Saturday, April 4: Pigs with Drivers Licenses

Friday, April 3: Forsythia

Thursday, April 2: Skunk Cabbage II

Wednesday, April 1: Mystery of the Hanging Shoes

Tuesday, March 31: Downy Woodpecker

Monday, March 30: 300-Year-Old House

Sunday, March 29: The Broken Fence

Saturday, March 28: "You're Such a Delight"

Friday, March 27: Skunk Cabbage

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