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Before starting his own company, DietPower founder Terry Dunkle was a consumer activist and a top editor at the world's largest magazine. Today, as DietPower chairman and editor-in-chief, he ensures that our news and feature articles report facts, not merely claims.

Here are some of the rules we follow:

  • We sell no products that our editors haven't approved.
  • If a product is essentially sound but has a minor shortcoming, we mention it in our description.
  • Wherever possible, we base editorial matter on peer-reviewed studies published in leading scientific and medical journals.
  • Our editorial matter may sometimes mention products and services that we sell, but only when these are germane to the topic and we candidly admit our bias or include competing alternatives.
  • We don't waste readers' time with information that they cannot use or already know.
  • Instead of skipping or "writing around" the science behind a topic, we take readers inside it.
  • Ads in our email newsletters and online news and features are clearly labeled "ADVERTISEMENT" if they might be confused with editorial.
  • Exposing quackery and hype is one of our most important missions.

Questions or comments are always welcome. Contact us.

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