Read This Article or I'll Eat This Donut!

DietPower's condensed version of the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Read these 1400 words and you won't miss any useful facts. Full article.

Diet Killers

What's tempting you? We've injected these 29 snack foods with truth serum, and boy, can they talk! Before you surrender, click your tempter's name to hear what it's really thinking. See the list.

New Miracle Drug: Watermelon

By Janet Ford, DietPower Senior Editor

DietPower has declared watermelon one of "The 10 Best Foods." This article explains why. It also shows you how to pick a ripe melon and gives you a peek at new, smaller varieties—including a square watermelon from Japan. Full story.

How Many Calories in a Kiss?

Depends on what you're talking about. Full story.

Fast-Food Nutrition Facts

Complete nutrition information for everything on the menus of America's top 100 restaurant chains. Click here.

What the Heck Is Saturated Fat?

Most of us have heard the term saturated fat all our lives without understanding it. How can fat be "saturated?" Does that mean it's soaking wet? Is unsaturated fat dry? And if so, is polyunsaturated fat dry in multiple ways? To clear up these mysteries, click here.

Don't Fall for These Food Myths!

Do Cajun cooks really spit in the food? Can a high-fat meal trigger a heart attack? Will chocolate kill a dog? Did Mama Cass die from choking on a ham sandwich? Some of these and other food "myths" are actually true. But which ones? Full story.

Why Can't I Get a Good Tomato?

"I haven't had a good tomato since 1977," a co-worker swears. "I'm pretty p***ed off about it, too." We phoned six experts to ask why tomatoes are so lousy these days. Full story.

Swordfish, Please!

The swordfish feeds by ambushing barracuda, tuna, mackerel, flying fish, and squid. It is also a tasty alternative to steak if you're worried about your heart—but you shouldn't eat it often, as this article explains. Full story.

I'd Rather Salt it Myself

Only 10 percent of the sodium in an American's diet is sprinkled on at the table. Another 10 percent imbues our foods naturally. The remaining 80 percent is added by manufacturers. Exactly how much salt do they add? Read a few labels and you'll be amazed. Full story.

The Explosive Nutrient We All Need

When you drop a chunk of potassium into water, it bursts into a lilac flame that fizzes, pops, and skitters around the surface... You would think that a nutrient so powerful would have powerful effects on your body—and so it does, for potassium provides the negative charge in the tiny battery inside every living cell. Full story.

Still Eating White Bread?

Whole grains offer powerful protection against two leading killers, and possibly one other. I'm not quoting fringe science here; I'm summarizing carefully controlled studies reported in the federal government's Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Read on, and you may find yourself reaching for the Roman Meal. Full story.

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